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  1. Curious - if you among those trading (consistently) profitably,

    1)how long did it take you to turn the corner and become profitable?
    2)did a book, seminar, tutor, or video course help you turn that corner, or did you find your own method?
    3)if you are profitable, are you profitable as supplemental to your job, or are you able to support your lifestyle via your profits.

    I was wondering how steep the climb is fot those who have made it...
  2. flies


    1) Usually within two hours.

    2) I fund my own strategy - see "My profitable strategy" under "Strategy trading" posted recently.

    3) My life would be too boring if it consisted of trading only.
  3. 1) I've been profitable the whole time. But it took about 7 years to become CONSISTENTLY profitable.

    2) No book(s) helped my turn the corner, but there are a number that helped me improve my trading. Reminiscences of a Stock Operator, Market Wizards, Pit Bull. Of course, it really depends on your style of trading.

    3) Right now I am profitable enough, on average, to support my lifestyle. But I also work at another job in order to build up my capital so that I'll have enough money during the bad periods (and not just the good or average times).