Profitable YM Trades for Mon 1/14/2008

Discussion in 'Journals' started by Spectra, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. Greetings,

    Looking forward to another fresh profitable week!

    Mantis is one of our users who's been a member of the PureTick
    trading room for 5 months now. He just sent me a nice positive
    email along with a capture of his P&L statement for Monday 1/14/2008. He
    was up over $400 using between 1-3 contracts on Alex's calls
    yesterday. He's agreed to let me post it on the site to give struggling newbies


    Just an FYI here. The trading room password has been CHANGED.
    Please log in to to find out the new
    session lock word.

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  2. Sepctra...did you note changes in the CME YM vs. ECbot YM?...did it trade okay or noticeably better?...thanks...INow
  3. The only thing I noticed is that trade station screwed up on time and sales where it was running 4 hours ahead and of course you have to pay $55 a month for the feed. The volume and trades were executing nicely though.

  4. Bankster


    Infinity hasn't asked me for any more $ as of yet .. fingers crossed