Profitable vs Business Profitable

Discussion in 'Trading' started by 99atlantic, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. Do you guys find, on average, trading daily/weekly vs 30/60minute is profitable, but not business profitable?

    What i mean by that is you can yank a nice return, have a nice risk/reward (i.e., profit factor) but it just not be enough to justify getting investor income into your ideologies?

    Versus trading intra-day, taking a bit more risk, but because of the sheer volume (e.g., 2500ish daily bars in a 10yr time frame, but 40000ish 30minute bars) you're able to turn much higher returns.
  2. Could you please clarify your question?
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    99atlantic, I note that you are calling for a judgement between using, say, 30min bars as against daily bars.

    The real answer though is trading intra-day or day trading using index futures. Put at its simplest there are many more points (eg YM) in the gyrations (or if you like the wiggles or the upmoves/downmoves) than in the same period between any two points, say from yesterday to tomorrow (assuming 3 trading days in a row) giving you an alleged trend difference to capture.