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  1. how long did it take to you to become consistency profitable?

    I know it is an abused question but I'm curios to hear some experiences.

    I'm trading since almost 3 years, definitely still not profitable, not an actual edge, had some consistency last 6 months but probably was luck, now I'm again losing

    Doesn't matter how long will it take, I know I'll succeed just wanted to know if I'm already worst than average :)

    good trading to everyone

  2. Different stages of probability and progress:

    1) keep losts low
    + 6 months

    2) Small scalps,daytrades

    + 4 months

    3) merge of concepts learned from 1) 2) and everything else.
    + 4 months

    3) swingtrade/position

    in progress.

    14 months
  3. Tks coolweb,
    so it tooks to you only 14months to become consistency profitable?
    Many compliments!!
    I'm still a 1 lot (emini Dow) trader

    Good trading
  4. :D
  5. I was profitable right away, but it took about 10 years before I became consistently profitable. Now it's time to cash in.
  6. As Much as I understand how futures emini DOW trades and watch it every single minute.

    I would never trade that piece of shit vehicle directly ever again.
  7. coolweb, can you explain?

    what's wrong in the eminidow?

    what do you trade?


  8. mrmarket3,
    so why are you advertising?
    take the money you say you win and enjoy don't try to sell anything :)

    some real insight?

    good trading

  9. I was consistently profitable trading stocks within the first year (started in late 90's). How long it takes depends on what you are trading and many other factors. Most people might find it harder to trade options, copper futures and bonds than small cap growth stocks. Also, some people never become consistently profitable short term traders.
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