Profitable traders that write books...

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Trend Fader, Dec 6, 2002.

  1. I think I have a pretty good idea... How about we all make a compilation of the "crapster" authors that write all this trading junk (instead of the actual books)... and portray who they really are and what type of experience the authors have.

    In addition, we can list the authors of books who are real successful traders.

    When reading trading books... I think whats most important thing is knowing first who the author is and what their credentials are.

  2. For starters.. William O'neill (IBD)... was a very successful investor in his lifetime... and has a very solid CANSLIM "bull market" strategy.

    In a bear or choppy market his strategy will wipe you out. Also, his %1 (now %2) follow through method does not work well... i believe there have been over a dozen of them throughout the 3 year bear market.. and most of them were just short bear market bounces.. and unsustainable rallies. I bet the fact that most traders and institutions know about this rule.. it lost its edge.