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    What books do you recommend?
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    I recommend "Profitable, Professional Option Trading" by Elite Trading Press.
  3. I recommend "Trading Long Straddles" by falconview (with additional commentary from forexforex).

    Careful though, it's 5,000 pages and there's no ending.
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    I haven't looked through option trading books lately, but here goes:

    Volatility Trading by Euan Sinclair is very good, but a reader would benefit from having a foundation first.

    Natenberg's book, while certainly dated, still has some value due to its point-of-view. The theme of the book is understanding the relationship between the strikes and the term structure in a very intuitive way. For some, the book will be too simple. But it's probably a mistake for many people to skip this level.
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    Since the title of this thread is: "Profitable, professional options traders",

    I forgot to mention in the last post: Most professional options traders don't learn the skills/trade from a book. They have been taught, either in a specially designed program for new recruits at their firm/bank - or personally, by another individual professional trader. In some cases, both.

    It just occurred to me, actually - I don't know any professional options traders who learned from a book or collection of books. I'm sure there are some out there, though.
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    Maybe you're right and I should write a book like that...
  8. I'll be the first in line at my nearest bookshop...
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    Thanks that helps a lot. Any info on finding a mentor?

    I doubt most are interested in spending their time with that...
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