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  1. Hey guys , i was wondering what automated trading platforms do you use or have you used in the past , in my opinion the only one that seems to be quite good and not scam is zulutrade which exist since 2006 , correct me if i'm wrong here and or suggest me something else.
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    birchwood analytics
  3. Ever tried to Google Birchwood Analytics?
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    what did you find
  5. Do you get health benefits at Zulutrade? How long have you worked there?
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  6. We outsiders see "This website is coming soon, please check back later." I suspect if you follow that link with cookies disabled that's what you would see.
  7. Hey i'm just asking questions , i'm not advertising anything , i need opinions here. You want to share something interesting here instead of posting unrelated posts ?
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    New TS Automated Strategy. Only works with TF.

    Nice to have a money back guarantee for a change...
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    yeah, deffinitelly it's a good one. I have several accounts with it, both live and demos and with different brokers. Open a demo to see how it is, results are good, just keep in mind that real ones have slippage.
  10. I'm concerned about this slippage , is it big? What brokers have you used and which ones were low on slippage?
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