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Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by pretzel, May 14, 2003.

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    Just wondering what trading styles are used by profitable ES daytraders. I monitor some chatrooms and many have opposite styles (taking opposite trades at the same time) but still net profitable. Other parameters might include targets and stops and timeframe used.

  2. For me: all of the above and more... but I also make sure of something that isn't in your list: I keep my stops...
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    It seems that there are only a few voting for countertrend trades,

    Here's a site which uses it and is quite successful -

    Not my style psychologically but cant help noticing them making point after point.

    BTW, I always use a stop and a target (remember Bracket Trader?)

  4. Bracket Trader rocks. Tx a lot!
  5. The trend is still your friend.
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    spotting trends, and then the breakout with the squawk box's confirmation has always been a money maker to me. Just a matter of picking a good exit.
  7. Pretzel,

    Do you mind explaining the chart you posted ?

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    If you voted in the survey, there are 4 choices - the numbers roughly label the points where you would have entered a trade for the corresponding choice. Any of the choices can produce a winner but you have to get out at the right time.

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    are for chumps....
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    Oh really ! Why?
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