profit sharing agreement at hedge fund

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  1. What is the typical profit sharing agreement for a trader or analyst at a hedge fund ( when there is such agreement) ?

    Say a trader is willing to take a comparatively small salary , how much can
    he ask as share of the profits ?
  2. Stop fantasizing and get back to work on the PTR Report - it's due by 3pm.
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    10% of profits
  4. FoF will go to the ceiling on their perf fee. In those cases, 20% on your sub-account. More often, 15% of the gains on your book.
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    I once signed a HF contract with a small Investment Advisor with bonus starting at 20% of the 20% incentive profit with good performance i.e. hurdle rate based bonus rising upto 50% of the 20% incentive However, the money set aside/planned to e raised from existing clients, for the HF program was washed out by Oct 1998 correction. Battle was lost without any shots been fired.