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  1. The disclosure document for this managed fund that is going to be traded for the first time by Alex Wasilewski is now effective and attached for your convenience.

    When you read it remember the performance is not Alex's, but Al Green, the founder.

    There is no mention in the document how much, if any, capital Al and Alex are personally contributing. My philosophy is if the CTA's are not materially invested, then don't let them manage your money. They need to eat what they kill.

    The 35% incentive fee is way to high for a fund with such a short record let alone one that is now going to be traded by an individual (Alex) who has heretofore never managed money as a professional and according to the document has no track record of consistent profitability.

    Caveat Emptor.
  2. Spectra, please come to this thread and post your daily blotter for Profit Navigation.
  3. I don't see a reason to.

    Clients get information; non-clients get zilch.


    Alex L. Wasilewski
    Co-Founder & Head Trader
    Trades That Work
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  4. It will help you get clients.

    Isn't that the goal? To grow the assets under management?
  5. I can grow assets by being profitable.

    The kind of client I am after is one who is sophisticated, previously successful, meets wealth standards.

    The kind of client I will serve is one who is already in a position of respect and influence.

    As that client sees the successful performance of his or her assets under management that client will be in a position to recommend other similar clients.

    Who would you rather do business with:

    Suziepig with hardly a pot to piss in who judges others by reading amateur rants on ET or a guy like Al Green.

    Al Green was smart enough to check me out for himself, not from crap he read or heard about or by advertising.

    There are some people who are smart enough and wealthy enough to check out an advisor or money manager and test that person in real time.

    Losers and people with only a few dollars left to their name will turn to a site such as ET and find some idiot who claims he makes $100,000 per day and will put his $5,000 life savings on the line to follow that self-proclaimed guru.

    Of course that is why they stay poor.

    The only way to evaluate an advisor is to EVALUATE THE ADVISOR, not read literature.


    Alex L. Wasilewski
    Co-Founder & Head Trader
    Trades That Work
    1-877-GOLONG1 ( 1-877-465-6641 )

    I would suggest that I would have to reject about 97% of all potential clients coming from this site due to unsuitability to trade futures and absorb the risks. Do you really think someone calling him/herself tunagod would be able to trade futures or absorb the risks?
  6. Well your job is to trade, not make management decisions about suitability.

    Your performance will indeed be the ultimate arbiter of whether new money will or won't be raised.

    And this community will be very interested in seeing that perfomance regardless if anyone here is a prospective client or not. That comes with the territory given the larger than life persona here you created for yourself.

    I understand you will be trading live next week. Is that true?
  7. Been live.


    Alex L. Wasilewski
    Co-Founder & Head Trader
    Trades That Work
    1-877-GOLONG1 ( 1-877-465-6641 )
  8. This is Geoff. If you want to know more about PN I'd suggest going to the site. Al's phone number is on the page. I'm legally not allowed to post specifics but I can say it's been doing phenomenal. I will personally be putting in 50k. I'm so busy working on the site that I miss a lot of trades. It'd be a relief to have some of it auto traded for me.

    You could always wait for a few months or years and see how the performance is going. I've already done that since I've been watching Alex trade for nearly 3 years now.

    aka Cajun Sniper
  9. Good for Al Green to have a shillboy the likes of you working pro bono.

    God, you are one major asskisser.
  10. Geoff, did Alex instruct you to post your opinion of his "phenomenal" performance so far on Profit Navigation? I suggest you stick to spamming PureTick and leave Profit Navigation alone before you do more damage to Al Green and reduce yourself to a 100% liar.
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