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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by rolextrader, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. This is the outfit Alex Polackski, the $5.00 thief from PureTick, is going to be trading for after the Disclosure Document is approved by the NFA.
  2. Dear Mr. Green,

    The attached letter (deleted because it violated many of ET TOS) is one of many examples of the literacy skills your partner, Alex Wasilewski, has in which he truly believes is an asset to grow his business. Do you feel likewise? Do you condone such despicable behavior, bald face lies, and even calling ones mother a cunt whore as Alex has?

    I would be surprised if your business plan included this type of marketing tactic.

    My advice is to dump Alex. He is a loose cannon and a major liability to you. Do you want to be painted with the same brush. Guilt by association, whether right of wrong, is the rule of the road and Alex is dragging you down to new lows.

    Spend a bit of time and read the Internet posts on Alex and if you think that is the kind of partner you want in a highly visible and regulated business like managing money, then I wish you luck. God knows you'll need it.
  3. Al Green has advised me the Disclosure Document should be effective next week and will be posted on the website.