profit /loss taxes

Discussion in 'Journals' started by patrick1234, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. Hi I started trading this year it has been a wild ride. traded quite a bit of stock in the millions. my question is I had a total loss of $36150 for the year. but under my reaized gain loss section it says I have a realized gain of much more in the millions. Then it says I have a loss of the difference also in the millions but the math does come out right saying I have a realized net loss of $36150 What I am trying to figure out is where did the millions of realized gain and loss come from I dont ever remember hitting any huge winners I barely ever got back to even. I hit a few good ones hear and there for no more then $5000 Just rying to figure this out. Also someone please tell me I have zero tax liability for 2010 for this crazy habit I know have. Thanks
  2. this should be in another Forum....maybe Career Trader or Trading?? This isn't a journal if I understand correctly.
  3. this year is 2011. what year did you lose the money in?