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  1. Hello, I wondered if anyone could help.

    I'm looking for some software that records your trades direct from you platform (rather than manually entering the details of a trade) and then presents your statistics, i.e. profit and loss, number of winners/losers/ equity curve etc. Basically, I'm looking for the equivalent of Pokertracker, but for futures trading. I cannot seem to find anything of this nature so any recommendations would be much appreciated.

    Thank you
  2. jimmyrey


    For Futures I suggest you start by taking a look at Ninja Trader.
  3. Thanks Jimmy

    I use a nice platform through Transact, so don't really want to change if possible. I can enter my results manually in Excel and work out my statistics this way but it's quite tedious and time consuming. I thought there might be software that connects to your platform so that everytime a trade is placed it records the details and lists your profit/loss, equity curve, average time in trade and other statistics etc etc (so Ninja Trader does all this?). The only thing I've heard of so far is Trade Logger, but I don't know how good it is or if it connects directly to the trading platform. I just hope there is the equivalent of Pokertracker, where you just pay a small one-off fee of approx $70.
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    TradeMax 2011 provides users with easy steps to generate Daily Account/Portfolio Value Chart Report or Mark to Market Gains & Losses Pie report for the purpose of better investment , Daily Account Value chart report helps the users compare your current Account Value with other index(DowJones,S&P500) and analyze trade performance based on the detailed information on daily basis, while the Gains & Losses Pie reports give the users a total or summary information about the gains or losses of selected securities during a specific fiscal year or a set time period.
  5. Anything that allows forex positions in different currencies?