" Profit from 2017 Market Crash " -LOL

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  1. Profit from 2017 Market Crash Paperback – September 5, 2016
    by Tony Pow

  2. Stock Market Crashes: Predictable and Unpredictable and What to do About Them (World Scientific Series in Finance)
    by William T Ziemba
    (September 5, 2016)

    Temporarily out of stock.

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  3. Why Stock Markets Crash: Critical Events in Complex Financial Systems (Princeton Science Library) Paperback – March 21, 2017
    by Didier Sornette

  4. A History of the United States in Five Crashes: Stock Market Meltdowns That Defined a Nation Hardcover – June 13, 2017
    by Scott Nations

  5. maxpi


    -newsworthy bubble
    -overleveraged traders believe it goes on forever
    -traders unable to reverse their strategy for the short side [that one is just very hard to believe but it really happens]
    -dumb money late to the party, smart money leaves them holding the bag
    -people believe that their broker is looking out for them, first clue is a margin call
    -etc, ad nauseum, ad infinitum
  6. It doesn't matter...What...you Write about -- just the fact that you wrote a book makes you a perceived Expert and someone who is hugely Successful on that subject matter, and basically life. o_O
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  7. maxinger


    I think we have to change the year to 2018, or 2019.
  8. DeltaRisk


    2018 will be gradual.
    2019 is where the fireworks go off(wink wink.)

    It isn't guessing anymore, the gods have spoken.

    But.....what do I know?
  9. maxinger


    well. we know the big economic cycle is 10 years.
    the last recession was in 2008.

    Now with North Korea firing missiles here and there,
    and with Trump as president,
    recession should be coming soon.
  10. DeltaRisk


    You're partially correct.

    It isn't time, or politics that decide recessions. It's credit.

    And no, I don't mean interest rates.
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