Profit factor for professional equity traders?

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  1. At your firm, what would be considered an outstanding profit factor?

    I am defining "profit factor" as total $ in wins/total # in losses. 600K in wins and 400 in losses would equal a 1.5 (as well as 200K in profit).

    Many thanks! :)
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    I trade retail, so not at a "firm" but anyway:

    In simulation i want PF > 1.5, and I'm happy if i can keep it above 1.3 in live trading.

    These numbers are based on net, not gross.
  3. Many thanks.

    Anyone else?
  4. How much difference when calculating based on gross ?
  5. for this year my profit factor is 2.01

    for the rolling year my profit factor is 1.99
  6. Many thanks to all of those who responded to my question.

    Others are also welcome to share.

    Good luck to all.
  7. division by zero