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  1. I find the old adage "sit on your winners" very frustrating to operate as most of the time reasonable day rading profits turn into losses or a tiny profit. My recent thoughts on the problem suggests that maybe I run the profitable trades too long so that by the time my trailing stop is triggered quite a lot of the profit has been eroded. So perhaps I am expecting too many ticks out of each trade in the market. I mainly trade the FTSE and the cable futures. I was wondering if anyone with a lot more experience than myself has any suggestions as to what should be a reasonable number of ticks to expect to achieve in each of the above markets if you are trading them on an intraday basis. Any suggestions would be most appreciated
  2. You have to decide.

    You can take small bites out of the market every day or you can have a gourmet meal once a month.

    Keep your losers under control, not your winners.
  3. Ya but sometimes the small controlled losses add up to a gourmet meal for the market!
  4. And the alternative is?
  5. Mr J

    Mr J

    Gifro, I think this is a personal matter and you just have to find a balance with which your comfortable.
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    Do you keep a journal – If so what does it tell you about what you might expect?

    Otherwise maybe someone who’s done the leg work and due diligence is willing give it up – for nothing

    But I’m not sure Sir

    Take Care