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    Hi All

    I need some software to track my equity trades and report on positions, P&L and also take into account brokerage, cost of carry and borrowing fees etc. I am not worried about the tax side of things.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction please.

    Many thanks

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    Hello again

    I am currently looking at the Tradeperformance software. It does not seem to support multi currency. I trade Japanese equities and index futures, so I guess that this is going to be a problem!

  3. One solution is to use Microsoft Excel and use it as your portfolio manager...
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    Hi There

    I could do it is true, and I know that there are multi million pound businesses out there that still use "simple" spreadsheets for all of their reporting etc, I am a bit lazy, and want something with more structure.

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    Anyone know how much dmaxx costs? No mention of it on the website at all.

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    Actually I am looking for that kind of software too, however, I am more interested in the statistical side of the trades, like the setups, strategies, time frames, entry times etc. By now my Excel spreadsheet is so overloaded, I am afraid to look in to the links and formulas and the new changes are due. Somebody must be tracking the sort of inforation I am talking about. What are you using people? I can not accept the idea, that most traders make almost the same cluttered spreadsheet and no one has made an actual software package...

  8. Can you list the stats that you are currently tracking and what you want to have tracked? I have a lineout spreadsheet that does this for my traders and was curious as to what others are also looking at at the end of their trading day.
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    Well, it isn't much different from the usual stats, anyone else is doing - setups, timeframe, daytime, indicators, source, target hits or stop outs, mistakes and errors etc. The problem is not only that after a while the sheet bocomes very cluttered, but also the lack of more advanced queries.

    I have been looking for that software for a while, but I think I will have to start to program it myself, since no one seems to have seen such an animal.
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    Hi, I am the developer of TradePerformance. Yes, you are correct, the product currently does not support trading in multiple currencies.

    However, I would like to have a conversation with you about your requirements for such multi-currency support.

    Please contact me at your convenience either through this forum, a Private Message or you can email me at
    steve [[ at ]] tradeperformance [[ dot ]] com

    (email preferred)

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