Profiles of random people in NYC

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  1. Thanks for posting, I looked at a few but plan to check it out later. Along a similiar line, I'm reading a book called "Around the Block". The book is a profile of people and business who live on one city block in nyc. The author chronicles the business and people for one year.
  2. Thanks, I will have to go to the lib. and check that out. NYC is so fascinating to me, I went for the first time in April.
  3. My favorite thus far was the ex bank robber. What a story.
  4. Ehhh, classic mid life crisis. Wife, 2.5 kids, house in the burbs. Bored out of his skull.
  5. It's a toss up which has more books written about it. nyc or the market. I'm on a mission to read 'em all. Don't throw no stinkin dirt on my casket--throw books!!!:cool:

    Ps. If you want me to post a few of my favorite links on nyc, just say so.
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  7. No problem man, hey yeah yeah Nut post the NYC links. I'd love that, I am going to make it my goal to go back to NYC once a year. I loved the botanical gardens in the Bronx (I think it was the Bronx, does that sound right?)
  8. DUDE! I saw one of those when I was walking around one night! As the cops pulled the drunk dude out of his SUV, I marveled at the ingenuity/ruthlessness/ethics(or lack thereof) of the NYPD. I had never seen or heard of undercover taxis before that night, nuts man. Do you live in NYC?
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