Profile of Mutual Fund Shareholders, 2009

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  1. profile of
    Mutual Fund Shareholders, 2009


    This report summarizes the fi ndings of the 2009 survey.
    As described in the fi rst chapter, in 2009 the “typical”
    mutual fund–owning head of household
    » was middle-aged, employed, educated, married
    or living with a partner, and shared investment
    decisionmaking with his or her spouse or partner;
    » was of moderate fi nancial means, with $80,000 in
    household income and $150,000 in household fi nancial
    » owned investments other than mutual funds,
    including individual stocks, and had over half of the
    household’s fi nancial assets (excluding the primary
    residence) invested in mutual funds;
    » had $80,000 invested in four mutual funds, including
    at least one equity fund;
    » owned mutual funds inside an employer-sponsored
    retirement plan, such as a 401(k) plan, 403(b) plan,
    457 plan, SEP IRA, SAR-SEP IRA, or SIMPLE IRA;
    » owned mutual funds outside employer-sponsored
    retirement plans, primarily through the sales force
    channel; and
    » was confi dent that mutual funds could help him or her
    reach fi nancial goals.