Professor Makes Students Plege To Vote For Obama

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    Can you believe how low the Obama loons will stoop?

    A Florida community college has launched an investigation and placed a tenured professor on leave over reports that she made students in a math class sign a pledge to vote for President Obama.

    A spokesman for Brevard Community College told Fox News that Sharon Sweet was placed on an unpaid leave of absence effective immediately after they received a call from a concerned parent.

    “The allegations center on her soliciting support in her classes for President Obama in the upcoming election,” said college spokesman John Glisch in a statement to Fox News.

    The website, which first reported the allegations, said the students were told to sign a pledge that read: “I pledge to vote for President Obama and Democrats up and down the ticket.”

    They were also given bookmarks from - a website paid for by the Obama-Biden campaign — targeting young voters, the website reported.

    Glisch said they learned of the incident last Thursday and launched an immediate investigation. He said they plan on interviewing as many as 100 students to determine who may have signed the pledge.

    By Todd Starnes
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    Not much room in liberalism for integrity.