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  1. benysl


    professor logic coward out in another forum after somebody accidently receive a copy of professor logic real account statement

    below is taken from the forum

    My diary of investigation.

    2/24. incident1. after much delay, prof logic posted his statement.
    Action1. actually wanted to praise prof logic for his action. To me, whether he made money or not, the amount of his bet or the accumulated balance he had were not the issue (it would be good of course if he could make ten of thousands every month, I would kau-tow to him)
    Wanted to praise him because he had set a precedence. A precedence of ‘openness’ as compared to other seminar gurus.
    Observation1. the statement of account doesn’t look ‘real’ to me.
    2/25. incident2. Tera voiced the same observation.
    Action2. instead of alerting him, decided to carry out investigation.
    2/26. action3. (1) google for the name ‘Rosenthal Collins’ to make sure the broking company does exist.
    (2) on the company’s webpage there is this standard ‘ask-a-question’ form. Filled-in-the-blank. Requesting for a general “sample monthly commodity trading statement. Purpose is to compare the standard settings on a statement….to see if prof logic has indeed altered anything.
    2/27. incident3. got an email reply from RCG saying there was no such thing as a “sample statement”. They would resent my lost statement (I think they mistaken me to be William T Schamp)
    2/28. action4. laughing at the statement, start posting messages ‘prof, don’t fall into my trap….you have been warned….here I come’
    2/28. observation2. unaware I already have the upper hand, prof logic still continue his big mouth.

  2. derickC88


    Bill Schamp is a scam fruad ! You guys got to be careful with this guy. He promised to post his trading statement, delayed for 2 months and finally posted. Guess what ? He doctored his statement and was caught by one Sinapore folk who accidentally got hold of his statement, and compared that with the one posted. I think Bill has big ego and big mouth, that's him, but he crossed the line of making fake statement, that is fruadulence ! I think the US authority got to get hold of this guy and stop him from deceiving public. If his technique is not working as he claims, the least he could do is to shut-up and don't expose himself with so call the trading statement. He is busted ! he is a goner ! I hope that others will not fall into his trap.

    By the way, many attended his course in Singapore, the feedback is, he cannot articulate, his support is obnoxious, and yet with a big mouth and big ego. Almost 70% sat through a repeat course as most of them have no clue what he was talking about. Those who want to attend his course, save your money and take a trip. He is a fraud.

  3. derickC88


    By the way, since he was exposed a month ago he did not dare to open his big mouth. I hope that the US authority will lock this guy up or at least stop him from deceiving the public !
  4. X.Oden



    Those are some wild accusations. I've actually talked to the professor. He seems pretty knowledgable. Do you have any proof to backup you claims? Reason I'm asking is, I just purchased his course. We argued the first 2 days and the Professor doesn't seem to back down his "absolutes" however he does have some legitimate claims toward his system. I'm a professional trader and I do earn 50% monthly on my account. I got his course because it seemed as though you couldn't "guess" or use discretion on his methods of trading which I thought were interesting in itself. In any case, any input would be great.

    I won't knock off the Prof until I see proof, because so far, his manual seems to the point.
  5. X.Oden


    I'm reading the book for myself. It looks good actually. So no more questions or doubts.
  6. lol. Then why are you buying courses from someone else. Nice second post...your claims make me want to run out and buy it too!!!

  7. X.Oden


    Well I live off my money and wanted some confirmation if anything out there was better. But I'm glad I bought it, because I lost some cash a few days ago during the whole Bernake speech. Just looking for something systematic. I tend to use a bunch of different systems when I trade or when I see setups. I do well, but I'm sure there's something out there that is consistent to setups and rules etc. I trade mainly with trendlines and breakouts.