Professionals or Amateurs

Discussion in 'Trading' started by acepowerdrive, Aug 22, 2009.

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    as long as he can get new customers for his krappy newsletter...
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    They are plenty of people with the balls. They can learn the art of trading all right.
    Consider your example of dentistry as a profession:
    If I know I don't have what it takes to become a dentist that does not mean that no other people can be taught dentistry.
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  4. sun170


    Thats exactly what many trend systems do. The point being that your win/loss% is also relevant to your system/style of trading.

    Same logic goes that just because you have 80% winners doesn't mean you will make money.

    Just making a point about the relative nature of examine such things and keeping them in the proper context. i have no desire to argue over what % of winners one needs to be successful.
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  5. trading isn't some profession that has rulz written in a text book that if you just incorporate get your certificate of achievement like filling a cavity or cutting some narly toenails you'll get paid.

    there is not any textbook. prodigious 20 yr olds own you :D
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    There are no textbooks for the pocket pickers but still there are other ways to pass the trade secrets to a novice.
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  7. do you think you could easily be another

    “2 Months, $2 Million"

    only your wet dream

    born LIVIN LARGE, not made :cool:

    he's a freakin money making prodigy
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  8. This is

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