Professionals or Amateurs

Discussion in 'Trading' started by acepowerdrive, Aug 22, 2009.

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    With so many bad calls on the market, I have question whether there are any professionals in the market investing or trading.

    One of the problems of opening prop trading office is recruiting traders since 80% can't make it daytrading.

    if a doctor had that many screw-up,,patients would and or pilot screws up as much as professional traders and investors planes would crash.

    probably the industry with dumbest 'professionals'

    you make more money taking advice from an amateur than from a pro.

    as i look at some of the professional advice in the newsletters as you look back in hindsight,,you think these pros are amateurs with their opinions and forecast in the market...How can pros be that wrong in their forecast and opinions to be a professional?
  2. Trading isn't a profession that they can teach or you can learn to do. Is prof POKER a profession that anyone can learn? This isn't dentistry or podiatry.
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    Anything that was done by a man can be replicated by another man.
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    I didn't say it can be replicated by anyone I meant it can be done by someone else. So, yes, other people can be taught playing poker and trading markets though with a different degree of success. Just as any other profession.
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    I considered the same analogy (although Bolt's 200 meter time was 19.19, and his 100 meter time was 9.58); however, both records -- even though very impressive -- will eventually be broken.
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    Understand that a trader can be wrong 80% of the time and still be successful.
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    Even if the records won't be broken anyone can run though even not at the record speed.
  8. you SAID: Anything that was done by a man can be REPLICATED by another man.

    you can't learn to trade, or take risk you must be BORN with a set of balls!!

    BALLS aren't made they are born!
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    This kind of logic will lead to financial ruin. I get a good laugh out of comments like this. You simply, positively cannot expect to be successful by winning 20% of the time - period! If you do then you are dependent on one big win or one win with big size. One slip on that big one and you're goose is cooked.

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