Professionalism at these "Professional Firms"

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Treykool, Jan 23, 2002.

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    Well, reading through the "Traits of a top trader Re: Wordlco" thread, I am completely embarassed. What has this industry come to? At least at the firms I used to work at, all traders were treated with utmost respect. This here looks more like a 1st grade playground. Gosh, where do these "professional" firms find these guys? Professional day-trading/proprietary day-trading already has a bad wrap. Why perpetuate it by behaving in such an immature way?
  2. Prop firms marketing is not much different from the earlier ticket shop's practices that catered to retail traders in the late 90's. The least you can say is that it looks fishy when you see their ads in the paper next to ads for get- rich- quick schemes.
  3. Or Ads on internet message boards!!! LOL (Look up!):D
  4. Be nice to Don :)

    He's helping keeping the very board operational with his sponsorship ! I respect that.
  5. The existence of an advertiser does not and should not compel us to be nice to an advertiser... Vikana, I will speak my mind even if that means offending an advertiser... we are not living in a dictatorship regulated by the likes of Don Bright... we are totally free to criticise or praise.

    [ :D I hope and pray you were being sarcastic Vik ]
  6. candletrader,

    I did put a smilie after the comment about the Brights. I agree with you 100%

    I also do think it's great that Bright is paying a bit for all their advertising. Baron is not running a charity, and I'd really like to see him supported by the businesses that use Elite.
  7. I have worked in this business for a while now and at some of the firms that everyone talks about here. I am very surprised at the lack of not only professionalism, but also of the lack of business sense that many firms seem to be out of at this moment. Altho I have never worked for Bright, they appear to be on the ball. Andover had the world by the balls for a while, but lets just say that they have slipped a notch. Tradescape and Broadway at one time were doing incredible, but they have fallen too. Hold Brothers ? Please......Generic and Heartland and so many others can be named, but lets all say, that the current market environment of the past 2 years, coupled with decimiliztion and the the decimation of operating margins by the collapse of comm rates...well, everyone seems to be hurting.

    In the next 2-3 years you will see a major consolidation of tradingfirms and a nominal flattening out of all of the features and benefits of trading firms will be about equal. It will most likely come down to who is more "likeable" in the future.

    In other words, who wouldnt you mind making $ off of your success ?
  8. At the rate these firms are folding, the future is not who do you not mind making money off you, but who is left in the business to do so.