Professional Trading - where does it stand compared to other high pay professions ?

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  1. I've seen the unbelievable opportunity of trading the Emini market. I'll bet some competent traders are pulling down $1000 to $3000 per day with 5 to 10 contracts on one trade.

    But then it struck does this income compare to other high paying fields ??
    Now I'm talking people good in their field, not necessarily superstars like Tom Brady and Jeff Bezos.
    These come to mind:
    1) Internet Entrepreneurs
    2) Drug Dealers
    3) Sports figures
    4) Movie stars
    5) Corporate CEOs
    6) Lawyers
    7) Doctors / Surgeons (especially cosmetic - those guys make a fortune !)
    8) IT Professionals

    Have I missed any ?
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  2. $1000/day as an IT professional is pretty straightforward even if you're half assing it.
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    Flawed comparisons, because of all of those legal occupations, only traders can go negative on a day's pay. They (the folks with regularly-paying jobs) are paid by the people they work for, for their efforts. On most days, they do their job and they are paid a sum.

    The next day they are not then asked to give back their hard-earned money.

    Only RL career I can see trading being comparable to is one with a draw vs. commission schedule. Or salary + commission with draw. You get the idea there.
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  4. Agreed with above comment.
    Better comparison would be a comparison among traders from different financial markets e.g. stock indices, currencies and commodities
  5. What about independent traders ? (Like me !)
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    Hmm, I do not follow? If you are trading your own money, you fall into the category of one who makes money, but can give it back that same day, or next day etc?
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    If you would compere an avarage trader to an avarage person in any fields mentioned, then there would be many variables, based on income, on both sides.

    But if comparing the best 10 traders/investors,


    all of those fields ( except entrepreneurs ),

    than none of the proffessions would come even close to traders/investors profits.
    ( excceptions like singer Sting 1Bil net worth (?) etc, still 80 times less then WB )

    I think overall, this road offers way more many ( and if you love it & you're good at it ), benefits, than any other job given ? Speecially with time perspective.

    BUT, theres something, that was spinning in my head for a while.

    Ray Dalio, as example, can't be open , about their positions at Bridge Waters, and that's to me, a little bit like of a ,, curse ''.

    Like , sometimes, it's even funny to watch, how WB with C Munger respond to audience questions in circles, that could be told so simply.

    Ex reporter asks :

    ,, What made you yo sell you IBM shares ? ''
    then 5 mins of bla bla bla in circles begins,

    where it simply crossed 200 MA, or touched 52 weeks upper thrend line
    ( I don't know what happened there actually, just speculating, for fun )

    Meanwhile Ray just say i can't share that.
    ( im ok with both answers )

    Where's , lets say in arts, you can be the best one, and still, share it all the time as much as you want.

    Hope you understand what i ment, no envy or jelousy, just, a small ,, Curse of Silence'' that comes with this way of life.
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    Drug dealing has a similar risk/reward profile as trading. You're feeling good when you are on a winning streak and all of a sudden your nuts are on the floor when the DEA shows up. It's a very similar feeling to trading without the guarantee of three hots and a cot on the other side
  9. Unless you are another Jeff does not count , perhaps? :)
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    Lol Johnny, haven't seen you in a while. By the way, your profile avatar reminds me of this guy. (Not the lyrics, just the look of the guy. :) )

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