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  1. I attended PTT in Anaheim this weekend and enjoyed many of the presentations and meeting with the various vendors. I wanted to thank Don Bright and the gang for the hard work they put into educating and informing traders. Its nice to see someone that not only that talks the talk, but walks the walk. Again, thanks to the Brights. Looking forward to the next tour event.
  2. Thank You a's alwyas nice to hear something nice here on the board!!

  3. Anyone going to tell any specifics about the conference?

    How many people were there? How many ET'ers? Any good trading strategies learned? Was the food any good? Anything?? Sure is quiet for all the hype that was on the other thread announcing this expo. Did everyone have to sign a non-disclosure agreement? Sworn to secrecy?

    Inquiring minds want to know!

  4. Everyone was sworn to secrecy, secret handshake and all. A "secret society" was formed.

  5. Don,
    My experience with you has proven to be a positive one. Are you planning on bringing the Conf east at all. I was not able to make it to this last one.

    I hope it went well and thanks.
  6. We are going to meeting soon to talk about the PTT2, where and when. We really enjoyed doing it, hanging with our trader friends (kinda nice having valuable conversations with real, serious, traders). David Nassar says he's "in" to do it again, so I'm sure we'll plan aother one soon. Someone called me from Atlantic City, and suggested that he pay for the whole thing, and split the that might just be enough to aim us that way.

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    Yeah Don, and we're talking Atlantic City! (Casinos!) So you'll be able to be on the East Coast and have something to do at night!:D