Professional Trading Platforms.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by alphaonetrader, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. So I've been searching for a trading firm where I can get a good trading platform and trade multiple asset classes as well as exchanges, with the ability to trade futures and options. Gotta have options in this volatile market.

    I've looked at a few firms that offer REDIPlus and also other that have their own proprietary platform. But what I'm really looking for is a firm that offers it's traders the ability to trade with a real professional platform like fidessa, Lava Trading, Sungard BRASS. I know that REDIPlus has it's advocates and it proponents. But I haven't used it to have my own opinion. I don't want to use retail trading platforms like TOS or IB.

    DOes anyone one know where I can trade with these professional trading platforms lie Sungard BRASS or Lava colorbook or tradebook.


    One last thing, I wish I had a bloomberg terminal. :(