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    I am currently wondering about what are my options for opening an account on a 50:1 Leverage. What firms could do that for the less possible amount of money 5k or 10k. What are their comission fees .0002-.007 and other general details on why you think hey have an extremly competitive offer. Also general courses at a reasonable price. A good economic value on Propietary Trading.
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    Please reply even if it is 10:1 beginning leverage. I am looking for a new firm that sponsors new traders.
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    You can post an opinion or even a joke. PLEASE POST!! Answers = )
  4. cold


    Diego I don't know why I am posting since you won't understand my words at this point in your life

    I guess I am a sucker for noobs

    LOOK MAN, if you have 10 k and futures are not enough for you with 25:1 or more

    if you want 50:1 and you have so little money

    you don't know trading, you will lose what little money you have

    you are not ready
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    So what you are looking for is a firm that will accept your account with $10,000, give you at least 10-1 and charge you under .007 per share.

    That would cover about 90% of the firms out there. The same question has been asked a hundred times here, almost daily. Try the search function.
  6. Try Societe General. They offered 1 billion to 1 leverage!
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    :eek: :)

    Is this for a 1-shot deal or do you think you need 50-1 as a long term trader?

  8. I am a newbie as well, who is not focusing on leverage. From reading the boards there are two major focuses of a newbie

    1) training - read up on syllabus
    2) training

    Lots of guys want leverage, lots of guys want millions, lots of guys want six foot swedish blonds, lots of guys fail

    I have been researching and saving to trade for the past few years, it is a vocation and the career traders who love the challenge lifestyle and independence are dismissive of guys who don't do due-dili

    i have posted to no avail about learning in atlanta

    a few people were kind enough to mentor

    good luck and persevere, determination is a key winning trader's character trait, or so I'm told
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    No I am asking for the most competitive offer from an economical standpoint.
    Yes I know investing I study Finance and I have made money. I am looking for a prop account because I can day trade with less than 25k that is the main reason I plan on prop trading.

    You worry about your account I will worry about mine. You can post jokes opinion on what prop firm you usea why you use it, Which one has the best value or offer and all that. Based on investing the less possible amount of money.

    I heard wts works with 1.5k. In order to have all the information ready so when I take the 7 series exam I take it with the right firm.
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    This is for day trading. Making a quick 70 cents and dumping the stock.
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