professional traders have triple the chance

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    I got this as one of replies from Hitman.

    Does anybody or everybody agree?

  2. Ofcourse ............ not!
  3. I think that would be triple the leverage (or more).
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    I mean triple the chance for earning good profits...

    Question remains the same: True or false?

    In any case: Is trading with props good solution or not? If good, good for what type of trader? Deep pocketed? Very exerienced?

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    Regardless of what anyone tell you, this is the reason why you have to stop trading. Sure, "if a new trader already has 100K in capital then it is a non-issue", duh, the reality is most people don't have that kind of money to blow.

    Here at Worldco, it is NOT an issue, you come in, you play small shares with our money, after you dig an inevitable 5-10K hole, had you been trading with your own money you will probably be out of the game because either you can not make the 25K requirement or don't have enough left to mount a serious attack against that deficit.

    Here you keep on trading and as soon as you can make money consistently with say 100 shares 2 positions you will be able to trade 1000 shares in a matter of weeks (assuming you can be profitable every week and show us it was no fluke), a luxury that homers simply don't have.

    Then we can go into training, environment full of profitable traders, etc etc . . . That is gotta shift the odds in your favor.

    And I am not claiming we have a 60% success rate or something like that, if a homer has a 10% chance to make it in this market condition, here at Worldco you get 30% chance.

    Keep in mind I am not talking about "success rate after the guy survives for one year!" or BS like that . . . If the guy walked into our office, traded for a week then got hit by a car and his account is negative, he goes on the losers column.

    30%, your heard it here first.


    If you are deep pocketed and already experienced, then you will do well regardless of where you trade. Whether you want to join a prop firm or not depends on whether you want to be exposed to new and different traders/strategies/ideas, potentially even lower commissions rates than IB, additional capital, someone else to maintain software/equipment, etc . . . You then weigh it against your commute / hassle . . . (And Worldco gives up to 99% payout, since you only have to keep something like 25K here to trade literally any size you want assuming you are profitable, the fact that we don't tie up your capital that could be used for something else gotta make up for that)

    A prop firm gives the biggest lift to newbies with no capital and no experience. I can't see anyone making any case for a newbie not coming to an prop firm when there is one in their area.
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    Is trading with prop's just for US based traders?

    As you would assume, I am not form US.

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    Currently Worldco only accepts U.S. residents. Not sure about others.
  8. Nice to see how busy we all are trading today!!
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    Some others have firms in canada.
    Worldco sounds better than them thou
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    what is props firm? and is there any in israel?

    (i'm not from israel i just want to know )
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