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    I am looking for a professional programmer who also lives in montreal.

    I have a low risk, very profitable trading setup that is complex to code and requires high level of programming skills.

    Any discussion will be in person, if you have the what it takes, not associated with any financial firm , and don't mind to sign a NDA agreement then feel free to contact me , drop me a PM and we can arrange for a meeting, you wont be disappointed.
  2. I have been programming trading systems for 5 years. I don't live in Montreal however
  3. First of all, how do you really know that it is very profitable....long term ? If you know that, then it's ALREADY BEEN CODED.
    This is sounding like a sham/scam type of deal.
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    I don't want to argue nor do I need to prove anything here , I asked for a one to one meeting , to avoid this type B.S. talk.

    I can show with a live account and live trades during the meeting what the setup can produce, but this will only happen on a personal meeting with the programmer.

    If you are not a "professional programmer" who lives in "Montreal" then please refrain from adding comments
  5. And finding someone specific enough to code on whatever platform you are using.

    You could try or

    Anyways, craiglist might work.

    I'd test the developer with something similar, to see how it ends up. Give bogus parameters, use differ periods, sma instead of ema, stuff like that.

    Anyways, good luck.

  6. What type of system? What are some of the rules? I'm coding one in C# now. I live in NYC.
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    what is the point of asking about the system? OP is IMO doing right thing. i've been there and that exactly what i would do,if i have to hire someone to work for me on profitable system. i need to know person and completely trust him, i need to know where he lives,every detail about his family,background etc and the only way it might work-you come to my office,we sit down and work together. not skype,not email. they won't work. cause people i meet,when i tried something similar-they just grab your idea\knowledge and run away from you as fast as they can. that was my personal experience. and that's why after 10+ years of trading-i do programming by myself. it's slow and painful, maybe not efficient and practical, but feel safe for me.