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  1. Alright everyone here is a question for you. What type of charting software do professional firms use? I know they don't use Trade Station and MetaStock. They must use something else, But what? I’m just curious to know what live charting software or platform they use. Is it better? Any input on this one?

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    E-signal / CQG
    MetaStock ???
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  3. Realtick (for charting, not for executions) and AT Financial

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    I've often wondered the same thing. What do the big boys use? or is it proprietary? I guess its just curiousity.
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    Most futures professionals use CQG - esignal is only for retail

    although at various times - one or more of the data supply compnaies may have an edge in one area - which might cause traders to take the system until the edge is lost

    and most professionals have much simpler setups than the average retail investor
  6. Yes. Sounds funny, but seems to be true.
  7. That is so true... it is also true of experienced retail traders... the reasoning is simple: once the fresh-eyed newbie has realised that his experimentation with every single technical indicator on the planet is not getting him anywhere, he steps back and reflects on what truly matters... experience breeds simplicity...
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  9. I second that because I have a few friends in Seattle and here in Quebec in which their system at the brokerage firms or financial trading office is based on Bloomberg.

    Nice setups.

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    "ILX Systems ... has more users on the New York Stock Exchange floor than all of its competitors combined." ... click on "About ILX Systems"


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