Professional Papertrading Course

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  1. During the Las Vegas Expo, I will be sponsoring a Professional
    Papertrading Course at our offices on Paradise.

    If you are interested in becoming a TRUE Professional Papertrader, please PM me for details.

    I GUARANTEE you will not lose money with this system.
  2. Have you backtested the system? Does it work in the foreign markets? How about days not beginning with "S"? Why would you give it away if it worked? How did it do July 12, 1987? Do I need a Series 7? 3? Upper and Lower GI? Is this SPAM?
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    It's a joke.
  4. Are you sure? sounds like he is serious.

  5. By definition, paper trading guarantees no loss of money. If I complete the course, will I receive some kind of certification? Will it be on...paper?

    As an aside, since "professional" suggests that one makes a living at it, how does a Professional Paper Trader make a living?
  6. Are you sure mecro?

    I mean after all, a lot of trading firms are requiring upper and lower GI series to test for intestinal fortitude.

    Some even require EEG's to test for brain activity. Your firm might want to adopt this idea.

  7. Ever read Lewis Borsellino's book, THE DAY TRADER? he talks about making $5mil on tues following the crash.....he said after he closed his positions he went into the john and puked his guts out..........and he made the $$.......he would have puked his guts out the other way too!

    can you get that from paper trading?
  8. Guys..... I am sure it was a joke.... a spoof on the other papertrading thread.
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    well that pretty much finishes up this thread!
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    By conducting seminars on paper trading, of course . . .
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