Professional (or at least good) LCD monitor stand

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by lojze, Jul 2, 2003.

  1. lojze


    Any good suggestion?

    Best wishes

  2. Ken_DTU


    any good suggestions for stands that would work for stacking 3 LCDs on top of 3 CRTs? i'm keeping my sony crts as primaries, would like to get a 2nd row (top) of 18-19" LCDs ..

    i don't know if the ergotron ones would do that?

  3. nitro


    I used construction bricks for this (the white ones with the holes in it.) People sometimes use them for legs on desks, which I did as well so that I could have the desk hite EXACTLY to my liking (have to use pieces of wook at the top to get the right height.)

    I have also gone to Home Depot, gotten some steardy wood, and built myself "monitor stands."

  4. jasrlew


    I've seen old drafting tables that are fairly large that have the ability to move from a sitting position to standing very easy. It would seem to be nice to be able to stand and trade at times.