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Discussion in 'Options' started by FredBloggs, Sep 15, 2005.

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    hi there - does anyone remember a package called 'professional options package'?

    it was written by some outfit in frisco - probably for the pacific exchange. i remember it coming on 2x 3.5 diskettes and it ran under dos.

    im trying to get hold of it and cant find out where to get it.

    does any one know of it or have it?

  2. try, but it's Chicago-based and apparently OOB.
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    cheers riskarb - thats them!!

    whats oob??
  4. I thought they were out of biz, but the phone still works. The web stuff hasn't been updated since 2003. I used the system when trading pit-futures through Refco. I miss the DOS apps like PM's and the old CQG. Anyone remember the old Optionomics DOS package?
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    cheers - yea i used it too - ill never forget when i was a runner and waiting for all those damn pricing sheets to print out - while my boss just thought i was slacking.

    nice simple package though and i thought of it as im may take another look at options