Professional market maker (options) software?

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    Hi guys, I'm starting a professional trading firm in options on Eurex and Euronext. I'm looking at the trading software (quoting) and wonder what may be the best buy.

    RTS? Actant? ORC? Any other fast and user friendly alternatives?

    Speeds is absolutely essential, as well as a user friendly interface. Basic needs are quoting and trading in single stocks. No intra stock paired trades and complicated matters.

    Any suggestions here?
  2. Most market makers i know have custom made software... Sorry i cant be more help then that.
  3. Isn't there a world of difference between market making and "professional trading"?
  4. pretty big part of traders works with metatraders brokers, but as i know, MT doesnt support options trading...

    now, i am using demo account of protrader, their frond-end is pretty friendly, i think they are looking forward
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    budget is between 2000 and 5000 euro per month. Depends on how extensive the software is of course.
  6. I think that all major exchanges have their own platform for market making. As a matter of fact, market makers in some of the exchanges I am familiar with are required to use only that platform to maintain a common book and third party platforms can only interface through that platform.

    Maybe you should check that, it may come out cheaper to start with.
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    microhedge, gl trade has an options front end as well. Got a demo once. Forgot the name. Cube something.
  8. Here in the States RTS is garbage when dealing with futures. Their software and server architecture is slow. Their sales reps are arrogant and will do whatever it takes to get a sale including lying and leaving out important details. From personal experience I would not even consider RTS again. If you're making markets you probably should go with a custom solution
  9. among all the ones out there and already mentioend, definitely Orc!!! Most vanilla options market makers (esp. Index) use Orc.

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    We have used ORC, Aqtor, MH, and Options City.

    ORC liquidator is probably the best system for now, but it is very expensive and outside your budget. The non-liquidator version is no better than Aqtor imo. It supports direct feeds whereas the others require some sort of feed aggregator like Activ or Spryware. Aqtor is probably the second best at this point, but if you are quoting many symbols (> 20 active symbols) it croaks because it is not a client server system. Options city is ok, but probably does not have the connectivity you need. Otherwise it is worth a look vs Aqtor.

    MicroHedge is inexpensive enough that it should probably also be leased in addition to whatever else you use as a risk tool. There are some neat things it does that the others don't do. For quoting it is almost worthless, imo.

    I am in the process of writing my own options mass quoter.

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