Professional Margin rates of 10-1

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  1. Some of my daytrading friends get professional margin rates of 10- 1. Instead of the normal 2 -1 like most firms.

    Wanted to hear feedback from different traders of firms they know this is available. It usually means trading for the firm. I hold a Series 7 so this is pretty easy for me to do. Just curious.

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    There's a firm named EchoTradeonline that offers 10:1. As far as I know, you trade for yourself, not the firm. They're like a penny or so per share with no ticket charge. They do have a $50K account minimum if you focus on Nasdaq stocks. ($25K for NYSE)

    10:1 scares the hell out of me, though. Do you really need that kind of leverage?
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    EchoTradeonline doesn't mention cost of software on their web site. Also I question the amount of money u have to put up, unless you are a real good and big trader, do you really need 50K to trade nasdaq stocks? I only trade 100-200 shr at one time.

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    I contacted them. They charge $300/mo for their software. Unfortunately, they don't credit that back to you unless you trade 300K shares! That's quite a bit.
  5. $50,000 isn't really a factor to me for trading. I've been trading long enough. The leverage is what I'm curious about.

    I agree that is probably too much leverage for most trading styles. 2 -1 is sometimes too much. On my some of the systems I run the expectancy of the system is high but lots of drawdowns in the process. I have one system though that is right about 95% of the time. The problem is it only generates a signal about once every 3 or 4 months. This is where I would like to use maybe 5 -1 leverage or 6-1 MAX with a tight stop of course.

    I just talked with Brighttrading, but you trade for them. Put up $25,000 as a security deposit. A penny per share cost w/max of $25. $600 per month rent for office space, software, T1 line, Satelitte feed, squwak box to S&P pit, and computer equipment. Considering it costs over $900 per month for a live squwak box into the s&P pit that isnt' too bad.

    I have another option , I am good friends with the daytraders of They would let me trade with them at home/ or thier office. $25,000 minimum.
    They make an extra $1.50 on all of the traders who trade through them on commissions per trade. That would be waived for me. 10 -1 leverage. Series 7 required just like above (which I happen to own) but the account is only one account (all of their money is pulled together)

    That's scary, ex that. is another one, but they haven't answered my email yet.

  6. I've talk to the Bright people ....and they seem to have best deal out there. Do anyone have any experience with Lieber & Weissman?
  7. Well Bright you trade for them. Put up $25,000 in capital but then use there capital. I didn't like when they insisted that it's best to trade only in their offices, not at home. I disagree with this. The crowd is normally wrong and I would like to distant myself from them. I manage money is my problem. They won't let me manage money for others. It may prove useful for some. Commission of .01 a share with cap of $25. $600 per month for computer with t-1 line, sat feed, 4 monitors, squwak box, office space.... but if I can't manage money it doesn't work for me. seems to be another brokerage with 10-1 margin rates. They haven't responded to an email.

    MJT thanks for info on ECHOTRADE I emailed them on Friday after the close, no response over the weekend but it seems to fit me.

    Anyone know of any other brokers that offer 10-1 margin rates?


  8. Hi

    I believe offers 10:1 margin, also.

  9. I have had extensive talks with Lieber Weisman.
    6cents a share (kinda like institutions) except I doubt
    you have the kind of doe like Fidelity...
    Anyway they seem ok but you should trade 100-300 shares
    for the 6 cents than who needs them anyway ????
    I know Bright they are the best deal aroundm if you only
    trade listed !
  10. Hi guys

    I am opening an account with Thanks for info everyone, I'll keep you posted. Any account that has 10-1 margin is a pooled account. (everyone shares) but this firm is mainly risk arbitrage. They have hired someone to watch accounts to make sure not out of line. There is a reserve fund for emergencies in case someone does get out of line, and when asked about it, the traders I talked to said they watch everyone because they understand that risk. They don't want to lose that reserve fund at any cost.

    More in a month or 2 on how it works...

    till then I'll post here now and then and everyone feel free to stop by at my own message board

    Robert Tharp
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