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    I am a professional FX Trader that works out of a very large shop in NYC. I am looking for other people like me that are in the business that are looking to network and share ideas ranging from basic networking to starting major head funds together. If anyone out there is interested in meeting a very reputable person in the business plese drop me a line.

  2. i have always wondered about pro FX trading--hopefully you can answer a few questions--- what is the pip spread on EUR/USD for your traders, do you guys scalp or hold longer term positions, obviously you dont go thru the myraid of "dealers" so are you directly linked into interbank via reuters ?


  3. next question: I'm trading with a 3 pips spread, is that good or bad? Can I get better? If so, where?


  4. pros in the business never scalp.... it is considered unethical

    3 pips spreads are very good providing your excecution is good

  5. please ! scalping is considered unethical ?

    LOL !!!

  6. try scalping and see how fast you will get your account closed.

    big banks will never take that from anyone.

    wake up surfer we are not taling about some small mom and pop account with moneygarden!

  7. LOL ! scalping with a three pip spread and the big banks ??

  8. who do you trade with surfer???

    lets cut the hype and dont waste our time.

    if you dont know dont answer

  9. neo,

    no hard feelings bro. i don't trade FX --after learning currencies, the futures market fits my purposes. i am just curious-- hence my post. do people actually trade FX professionally thru "dealers" and with 3 or more pip spreads ? perhaps we have different definitions of scalping.

  10. i trade fx with 3 pips or less with banks. granted you need an an institutional account. i trade futures also. i have to tell you that using fx is a great way to hedge if a position goes against you in the futures markets. the leverage is greater and the commissions are non existent
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