Professional emini trader mentor wanted!!

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    I recently sold my company and am now trying to start a new career as an S&P emini daytrader.

    Anyone who is doing this for a living knows how hard it was to get started, and how much easier it would have been with a mentor, which is what I am hoping to find.

    I live in the Northeast and am not afraid to travel to learn, so if there is a kind and generous person willing to take on a bright and serious student, please let me know.

  2. What makes you a good candidate for this endeavor?
  3. Pasta performance?
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    If I were being evaluated based on the pasta I made, you'd be hard pressed to find a better candidate (and pasta, too)!

    Seriously though, I think I'm a great candidate for this as I'm bright, serious, disciplined, a risk taker and not afraid of those losing trades that happen, and I also understand good money management.

    I am not new to trading, but am new to trading the S&P emini. So, do I meet the criteria of a good candidate?
  5. Assuming that you are genuine (I am having doubts - there is a stream of people who come in here pretending to be someone else), almost every offer you get is going to be someone who has no idea how to trade, no matter how charming or sincere they seem to be. You will find that after paying one or two of them.

    < 1% of the people who ever try this, will likely make a longterm, lucrative living. And it usually takes losing a lot of money, 1,000s of hours, and even then you are almost 100% guaranteed to fail.

    Shortcuts do not really exist. Any one promissing this is suspicious. You don't give up a business to learn to trade.
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    What kind of words would you use to describe your personality? It's my belief that a trader needs to have a certain personality to suceed in trading. How would you describe yourself?

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    While I appreciate your skepticism, I am genuine and exactly who I say I am and did not "give up" a business to trade but sold it and would now like to fill my time trading.

    I have already spent 100's of hours studying, paper trading, and doing some live trading with some success and am not looking for shortcuts. I'm not afraid of hard work.

    I will persue this with or without a mentor, and expect to be in the 1% of people who succeed.

    Thank you for your advice!
  8. What are you prepared to pay for this service?
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    Assuming you're serious, papertrading does not cut it with the e-mini. This is an extremely difficult product to trade. I for one appreciate your gusto and bravado, for that reason I feel compelled to level with you. I have traded S&P's 15 years before there were e-minis. With programs and algorithms using these you will have much more success with other products. I use them as a hedge, which is what they were designed for, and occasionally to press a good long position or direction of portfolio. If you are insistant on the index products, SPY trades off the mini but entry is much easier seeing as it trades in decimals and the mini in 1/4's. Stocks, currencies, even commodities either directly or thru ETF's are much easier. Since you are starting out, this will mean better payout when you become profitable. You can ignore this and even if you are an amazing student, you will still struggle. Papertrading just does not translate over to real money with this product. I have mentored many, and if someone says they have found the Holy Grail trading these, ask to talk to their accountant. Good Luck!
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    Not true Biz. I have mentored people throughout the years and I have done it for free for people who really have promise. If pasta will answer my earlier question I will be able to tell if she/he has promise but that doesn't mean I would do it for free.

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