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  1. I'm seeing more and more profanity used in the postings here. The profanity doesn't offend me. However I do like to browse Elite Trader occasionally on a break at work. My employer has certain standards for web sites that we are allowed to visit which excludes any with profanity. I'm sure that most other companies have similar standards.

    Aren't there rules on this board against posting messages with profanity in them? Could something be done to better enforce those rules?
  2. Good luck with that.
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    If I'm not mistaken someone else made a similar complaint in the last 6 - 12 months.
    I couldn't find the thread but I believe Baron "ruled" that since this was a site for traders and traders tend to talk a little dirty he had no plans at the time to make any changes.
  4. But the irony is that the 'real traders' aka those who post blotters and talk about real trading topics hardly talk 'dirty'.
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    I post blotters, discuss trading topics AND talk down right filthy. Although like the members your referring to I do tend to tone in down significantly in public or on a public web site.

    I'm not trying to put words in Baron's mouth but I took his comments at the time to mean traders in general and not just here on ET.

    Ultimately it makes no difference to me.
  6. I don't think profanity is a problem at all, my guess it affects less than 0.1% of the posts.

    It is easy though to code a "bad word" filter and profanity would be posted as "**** ***". And any spelling tricks to avoid the filter can be overcome by entering miss-spelled profanity into the filter.
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    LOOK OP you don't know traders

    word Fuk is part of our culture

    watch wall st warriors, that floor guy a real trader, says

    if you are going to buy on the way down you should not be in this fuking business
  8. The php "bad code" filter would then output the above post as:
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    Baron addresed this once before. He said he's not going to turn this into some fantasy where nobody says curse words. Traders use foul language. The better solution for you would be to stop reading ET at work.
  10. Problem solved.
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