Profanity in different languages on the trading floor

Discussion in 'Politics' started by RichSohn, Jun 9, 2003.

  1. RichSohn


    Seems like the ethnicity is even more diverse these days at trading firms.

    Let's hear your favorite profanity used on the trading floor...

    Seems like each ethnic group has their favorites....
  2. lindq


    Swedish: I missed that darn trade.
  3. Worked with a Ukranian guy. His english wasn't that great, but he knew every english curse word I ever heard....and more.
  4. FinStat


    no matter where a person is from or how bad their english is............they know how to curse.
  5. Yidi possasee oopianova yoshika.

    That's Russian for "Go perform fellatio on a drunk porcupine".
    By far my fave curse of all time
  6. dgmodel

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    this russian guy used to sit next to me and he said "blyat" every two seconds... then at BSC i had a hisidic friend of mine sit next to me and any time a trade went the wrong way hed yell out "oh what a mazel... what a fuckin mazel~!"
  7. canuck


    "Go perform fellatio on a drunk porcupine".

    I love that !! :D
  8. I worked with a swiss guy on the floor who used to shout "arsloch!" (asshole) all the time. He also used to shout a bunch of other worse profanities that escape me right now... we called him "swiss miss"

    "gober admi" was "shit guy" in hindi
  9. The French say 'bleau mi.'
  10. ElCubano


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