Prof Charles Nenner predicts large rally very soon

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  1. Yeah I remember an interview on CNBC with him last year, where he predicted this sell off in the equity markets.
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    Here is an interview on CNBC with Nenner in which he says he is getting his clients in the market within the next two
    weeks! What happened? That was Dec 2, `08. Thought he had it down to the day... :)

    You need to remind these people of their past forecasts, huh?

    Dec 2, 2008
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    This guy appears to be a douchebag. Calling for a rally on feb 3 and arrogant about it too. Market has been selling since his call. Then he claims he isnt rich even though he could be, because he is from Europe and not into those American things.
  4. I'm sorry, but before you go off screaming about how someone is a DOUCHE-BAG you might want to actually LISTEN to what he is saying and have an actual understanding of what drives his market calls.

    I believe that his cycle was coming in on Feb. 13th. He was looking for a LOW and then a rally into the mid-March (16th) time frame.

    However, ( if you listen to his videos on his website ) his TECHNICAL ANALYSIS trumps his cycle analysis.

    Thus, if his technical indicators do not turn bullish, he DOES NOT TAKE THE CYCLE TURN!

    Some of you guys really need a course in Reading Comprehension - - - or being able to actually LISTEN to what is being said. Don't just watch his videos on CNBC. You need to go to his website and watch/listen to his lectures in which he presents his methodology.

  5. clusterstock nailed this guy as bogus a few weeks back.
  6. You are sorry and YOU need a course in listening comprehension. Clean the wax out of your ears and listen to his CNBC prediction.

    During the Feb 3 interview he was very specific and mentioned NONE of the caveats you're coming up with here.

    He said in a few days (from Feb 3) a rally would start and run through Mar 9 taking the S&P up to ~1000. He also said he's almost never wrong.

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    None of his analysis is worth anything to me. I understand that many believe in him. But those who show respect will get it. He is condescending to say the least. He declared himself to be right, left no opening for other possibilities and scoffed at the suggestion of a rally not happening. Some of these people just will not prove themselves in this bear. Look at Yamada. She is always respectful, leaves alternate openings but states her case while showing respect to people. She is right, has been right and will continue to be. This guy is busted and an ahole to boot.
  8. Still waiting on that Feb rally, Charles.
  9. Agree. I've studied price and time for years and while price measures are plentiful the timing part is almost impossible. Silly stuff like anniversary dates of past big moves-ala' Oct crashes- is more reliable than most of this cycle garbage.
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