Probs with MSFT Office 2K on Win2K Pro

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    Everytime I start up any MSFT Office program it comes up with a Windows Installer window. When I installed Office I selected to have everything run from "C".

    Any of you tech gurus gotta clue?
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    I've had a similar problem recently. Everything was running fine, but "suddenly" the Windows Installer messages showed up. It turned out to be caused by some trial software (Mindsoft's MindManager, in my case) I have installed and later removed using their uninstall script. It seems there was a bug in the installation/uninstall routine that overwrites/deletes some needed Windows software.

    To resolve, I installed MindManager again, by which the missing routines became available again. I killed the home directory manually afterwards thus leaving some garbage in the Windows directory, but who cares?

    Maybe something similar has happened on your machine as well. Hardest part will probably be to remember which software packages you installed/uninstalled and the go from there.

    HTH, agrau
  3. Something similar to that is most likely causing your problem. You've probably either deleted or corrupted one or more common system files that Office needs - either through installing or deinstalling some other software, the actions of a virus/worm, or a disk corruption.

    You may have to pop in your Office CD and let the installer reinstall the needed files to resolve it.

    One of the common problems with software install/deinstall is that common system files can be overwritten or removed and thus break other installed software.
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    The problem is a file association type that was changed by another piece of software at some point. If the file type was originally associated with MS Office, ex *.doc, *.bmp and you later on installed StarOffice or OpenOffice, both MS Office clones they will changed the *.doc to associate with them instead of MS. So if you click on a doc file it auto runs the clone office. Some times the registry just gets banged up from use and looses a previous association setting.

    Just pop in the Office CD when it ask and it will fix the problem without doing a complete install. After that it shouldn't ask you for the CD again. Been there, Done that.

    Good luck and good trading.


    Thanks for the advice. I did use the repair function of the Office 2K Pro CD, with no change or results.

    I have installed and uninstalled demos and trials, that could very well be the problem.

    I'm going to have backup up my files and format the drive soon. The problem started shortly after "spyware/nukeware" was installed on my machine.
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    I would run the above tool first and make sure that all of the spyware is gone if you havne't alreay done so. Also with this tool under file settings you can have it check the registry for inconsistence problems. Very good tool.

    Good luck and good trading.