Problems with TWS, futures ?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by HawaiianTrader, Mar 30, 2001.

  1. Hi,

    did anyone else have problems with IB's TWS today ? My stock one was fine, but my future TWS wouldn't show any prices till around 1pm, just the ask price, nothing else.

    I just used Q-charts for prices, the TWS worked fine for sending orders, account balence, I just couldn't get it to show bid/last size etc etc.

    I started to use their chat help, but they never got back with me ?

    Just trying to find out if this is a regular problem, other wise, so far, fingers crossed, everything else is fine :)

  2. Dustin


    I had a couple problems with my fut's today too on IB. It wasn't just you...
  3. def

    def Sponsor

    there was indeed a problem with the futures quotes. i'm told it had to do with an upgrade to improve the speed. should be resolved now (result should be faster quotes).