Problems with ts2ki build 5.00.0822

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by G.Galilei, May 24, 2006.

  1. hi folks,

    does any1 have the same problems as i have with ts2ki?

    - chart´s max compressions is monthly. i cant chart quarterly or yearly. i cant imagine ts isnt able to do so.

    - can only change the colour of the bars, but not the fatness. doesnt matter what thickness i choose in the symbol setting, there is no change in the charted bars.

    sry for these maybe stupid questions, but im new and it shouldnt be a problem to help me out here in less then 5mins.


  2. Quarterly and yearly are not available. Maybe you can work around the problem by programming yourself. You can take all the data between two dates in 1 bar.

    Bars can have different fatness.
    Right click on the mouse while being on the bar.
    Go to STYLE

    For changing fatness of indicator:
    Right click on the mouse while being on the indicator.
    Go to STYLE
    Select WEIGHT (STYLE should be a full line)
  3. thank u for answer.

    changing the thickness doesnt work. maybe it is a problem with the installation. i will try it on an other computer. the problem is, i have already tried it. i have installed my os winxp completely new . but during the installation pops a msg up "error 105; a program needed for installation was not found". hm...but ts can be installed on my first comp. :confused:

    dont know, anyway.

    about the yearly and quarterly charts: ...u must be joking :eek:

    i have to program my charts by myself? damn. hope i can find infos about in the el manual.

    PS: if any1 is willing to post me a link or the el code for quarterly/ yearly charts i wont be angry. THX

  4. if the program is installed correctly fatness should work.

    About the yearly and quarterly data. That shouldn't be that difficult. All you have to have is the OPEN, HIGH, LOW and CLOSE of the quarterly and yearly periods. After that you replace the default values in your studies by the calculated values.
    You don't have to reprogram any indicator, just change the proposed values by your own values.
  5. Cause of error is likely temp files, a known issue. You have to delete ALL ".temp" files from your hard drive. Do a search for ".temp".

  6. thk u guys. a new installation solved the problem of bar´s thickness.

    quarterly/yearly charts: that could be a way BUT then i have always to adjust the highs and lows and closes. this is an easy way but an unprofessional one.

    anyway, is there a way to have working quarterly/yearly chart in ts?
  7. No, you don't have to adapt anything. A good programmer can make it work full automatic.