Problems with Transact Today?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by wareco, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. Anyone other than me having problems with Transact data feed today?
  2. transact sucks. over the past 7 months they've had tons of outages. it always happens when the markets going crazy. thats what you get for using the cheapest commission broker out there
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    No prolonged outages here today, but did have 3 disconnects. I was able to close it down and log back on right away. I was lucky to not be in a trade during any of them.
  4. Transact has had disconnect problems off and on for the past 2 weeks (some days no problem, other days several disconnects in one day). Before this period, I had not had a problem with their data feed for many months.

    In talking with them today, they said that they are implementing changes to their servers tonight and over the next couple of nights to solve this connection problem.

    I hope this solves their problems, because other than these recent problems, I've been quite pleased with their performance and pricing.

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    It's awful today here. Disconnects are constant.
  6. Same old shit, different day. :mad:
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    Anyone else completely shut out of Transact now? Get a pop up saying can't connect to the servers.
  8. They have been down all day - since about 10AM EST.

    I guess they got tired of people getting pissed off with their disconnect problem and decided to keep everyone out until they fix the problem.
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    LOL, maybe so! Has anyone called to see whats up? I shut down and went to backup, and haven't called yet.
  10. I called them, and they said they're working on installing the fix. They said to check back in a hour (which was 2 hours ago).

    I still can't get into my account. I haven't called again to see where they are in solving the problem.
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