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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by schuen, Feb 10, 2004.

  1. schuen

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    Hi board,

    I'm experiencing problems with adding new indicators to the RadarScreen. Supposedly in EasyLanguage, under the "properties" of the indicator, I can make the indicator available to RadarScreen. However, the only option there for me to choose from is "chart analysis". Any idea what's wrong and how to solve it?

    Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. maxpi


    The properties window is not recognizing the indicator for what it is. If it has "Plot" statements in it and is not a "true/false" type indicator then it should work in RadarScreen if you add the necessary bars to load. If it is a True/False type indicator you may have to copy it over as a "Filter" type indicator.

  3. schuen

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    The problem is that even for the ones that can be used in RadarScreen already, such as RSI, they have just that one option there as well.
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  4. maxpi


    Something more fundamental is wrong. Probably time for a reinstall. I PM'd you with contact info for people that can tell you the best way to reinstall, they might have some good answers for you that don't involve reinstall as well. TS2k is just so much trouble that I upgraded to TS7. Almost no trouble at all with the new one and data on demand. I still have to go to TS2k to research indicators that use Ask and Bid because that data is not available for Charts in TS7, otherwise I do not miss TS2k AT ALL.

  5. schuen

    schuen Guest

    I did try to reinstall it. In addition, I tried to install the software on another computer as well. But still no luck. :(
    By the way, my TS2k is Version 5.00.0707.
  6. maxpi


    Never had that one. Maybe you have a setting somewhere that makes it think you don't have RadarScreen? I don't have access to TS2k at this machine, I will take a look at it when I do.

  7. mokwit


    Go into Powereditor and then open new file and then select "details" at top right.

    Find an indicator that has "all" or "C,R,A" under the "available" heading and then save it as e.g. template and then delete the text from last indicator and copy text from the indicator you want in radarscreen and then verify.

    This will work for that part of the problem but you still come across things that don't convert over - "no plot" is one but others verify fine but don't work.
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