Problems with the PHLX indices???

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Bullet, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. Bullet


    Anybody else having problems pulling up data on the HGX OSX SOX XBD etc...

  2. Yep...I'm having problems with them via two different data providers :mad:

  3. Bullet


    Yeah, I have no phlx data on 3 different vendors.....kinda sucks!
  4. 40Deuce


    you have to grab them thru Philly Board of Trade now . . . PBOT
  5. Bullet


    so will we not be getting any data from the PHLX any more? In other words, do we need to contact our vendors about PBOT?

  6. Bullet


    still got nothing on the sox hgx and osx

    PHLX said their quote provider is having issues. Does anyone out there have any update on when the quotes will be back up?
  7. I think PHLX meant to say that some are having problems while others are not.

    Simply, depending upon how the data provider is doing business with PHLX...

    Some data providers are not affected while others are.

    From what I can tell so far...looks like the lower end data providers aren't getting the data while the higher end data providers are getting the data.

    PHLX indices are very useful for us Emini or Eurex Futures traders because some of their indices are excellent giving early hints to the market direction via using them as market breadth.

  8. adamlloyd


    We have the data here - - any users having issues with our data from PHLX and PBOT get in touch.
    +1 604 681 7503
    +1 877 288 7799 - North America only
  9. Bullet


    Thanks for the reply...I have been told siac is having quote issues, but Reuters and thompson financial are both good