Problems with realtick?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ChartingMarkets, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. Thisis to anybody using realtick today, it would be very helpful to me to find out whether or not you experienced the inability to bring up LEVEL 2 quotes as of 2:45 pm eastern standard time. Lasting for about 10-15 minutes. Also did you experience hanging charts (slow load times today)?

    Thanks guys. I am calling realtick tomorrow and would really like to know if other users have been having the same problems.
  2. Here is a nice picture of my Level 2 box. Anybody else getting this today?
  3. Anybody at all using realtick on ET? Seems awful quiet around here in response to this thread.
  4. No problems here, but I'm only using the eminis and some indices.
    No level 2
  5. Thanks juggernaut. Appreciate the response nonetheless.

    Anybody who is using Reatlick for equities and using level 2?
  6. My Level II on my realtick has been running slow for like the last couple of weeks (compared to my hammertrade feed). I sure hope they get this problem fixed soon as I'm positive it's not on my end :(

  7. No problems here in NYC. Runs fine, runs fast.

    Good luck.
  8. No probs here either.
  9. My friend had the same problems with his realtick today as well. I called up Terra Nova Online they acknowledged the problem said Level 2 was messed up in the late afternoon. My friend also trades through this place as well.

    Too many problems...its either Realtick or the clowns at Terra Nova Online and the server/domain that Realtick has designated for their broker/dealer. Either way, I am officially closing my account with Terra Nova Online as of the beginning of next week. The empty promises of Terra Nova Online and Realtick have gone for too long. However, I do really enjoy Realtick software and as such, I have lined up another broker that uses Realtick and assures me after having been in contact with them in detail about my current problems, that it is the Realtick Server that is being designated to Terra Nova Online that is causing my problems aka the Domain. I will be trying out realtick with this broker for free to make sure things run smoothly. Bye Bye Terra Nova Online go find another sucker. Its been fun.