Problems with Qchart's Level 2

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by hsanson, Feb 8, 2001.

  1. hsanson


    I recently subscribed to Qchart's Realtime Nasdaq Level 2 feed, but after using it for 2 days I see that Qchart's Level 2 is very inconsistent and there are a lot of stuck quotes and market makers on the inside market. If anyone in this forum is having similar Level 2 datafeed problems with Qcharts ? ?. Can someone recommend me a good realtime data provider that supplies realtime L2 montage, Realtime charts and a reliable service for under 100$ per month ?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. Try vectoring to the Boston servers. The datafeed seems to be the most reliable from there.

    Unfortunately, since they only upgraded their inbound datafeed at Boston and haven't done so at their other server sites (a great strategic move - NOT), a lot of people are trying to use Boston and connections can sometimes be difficult to get.
  3. BSAM



    How do you vector to the Boston servers? How were you made aware that the inbound datafeed was upgraded at Boston? Seems to me that the features at Qcharts are very good. However, their customer service sucks big time!!
  4. Hsanson

    Do yourself a favor and get By far the most reliable feed available . U can get real time data and level II for 68 bucks. They dont offer as many features but they make up for it by being dependable!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. BSAM - update the ContinuumClient.INI file in your QCharts directory to read like this:

    Server= 0 12/01/2000 11:26:30 (
    Server= 0 12/01/2000 11:26:30 (
    Server= 0 12/01/2000 11:26:30 (
    Server= 0 12/01/2000 11:26:30 (
    Server= 0 12/02/2000 20:27:26 (
    Server= 0 12/02/2000 20:27:26 (
    Server= 0 12/01/2000 11:25:30 (
    Server= 0 12/01/2000 11:26:30 (
    Server= 0 12/02/2000 20:27:26 (
    Server= 0 12/02/2000 20:27:26 (

    This locks the sequence of the server search and doesn't change it based on their pinging algorithm.

    They were chattering about the Boston datafeed upgrade on the network status page when the upgrade was completed a month or two ago.
  6. bouncer



    I had similar problems with QCharts. Stuck or bad level 2 quotes, service dropouts at the worst possible times. That along with their horrible customer "service" caused me to drop them at the end of January.

    I'm trying NexTrend Analysis now. So far so good. Similar features and cost as QCharts but without the associated problems. Customer support also appears to be very good. Discounts available if you trade with partner brokers.
  7. hsanson


    Archangel: Your Qfeed server list worked for me on friday, all L2 quotes worked and charts performed well too, thanks for the list

    Bouncer: Thanks for the recommended site, will take a look at it and consider it when Qcharts gets worse.

  8. alipang


    I agree with you bouncer, after paying for seemed to be nonexistant service and nom tech support, I finally cancelled my Qcharts subscription.

    I did subscribe to Next Trend and found their feed to be reliable.

    Their tech support is second to none.

    I am also testing Tradestationpro.
  9. Jenepher


    New here. Question re QCharts: I noticed yesterday on the 'time&sales' that US stocks had a large trade size, but not identified in the BATE column at all. Some were negative, and the prices above or below Friday's close. Also, date was Saturday the 17th. My question: what are these numbers and what do they mean? I am thinking they might be reporting clearing options since friday was expiry date, but I'm just guessing. Thanks in advance for your reply. I've been lurking here since I found this site thru raging bull. Really good discussions here. Thanx. Jen.