Problems with MyTrack/TrackData

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by steve46, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. The Mytrack feed for the ES market has been dead now for at least 5 minutes and counting. Users should be aware of this.
  2. Its not just with My Track or IQ feed, other feeds reported having the same problem. I think it started at CME.
  3. I switched to Esignal (my backup) and it is working properly.
  4. MyTrack finally back on track (pun intended), after almost 15 minutes with no data. In the interim, Esignal and IB both functioning just fine.
  5. Really too bad this had to happen just before a breakout signal on the ES. Oh Well such is life.
  6. Steve,

    Sounds like a good, inexpensive backup for
    people using IB would be Sierra Charts
    which uses the IB data I believe.
    That way you don't have to pay for another
    data service and Sierra Charts is very
    reasonably priced. Do you think this is a
    decent idea?

    I lost my feed from DTNIQ today as well,
    which I use with InvestorRT.
    But my IB feed was fine.

  7. I almost never use the IB feed, because they do not provide historical data. Normally I use Sierracharts and feed it with Mytrack data. Today for whatever reason, the MyTrack feed died and I happened to have access to Esignal, so I switched over. I am glad that I had it available and running because I was able to trade right away. Best Regards, Steve46
  8. Again today I have had problems with MyTrack. This time the data feed went out while I am in the middle of a trade. I have switched over to Esignal again and have no problem with that feed. The folks at MyTrack suggest that CME has problems tranmitting the data, however again Esignal seems to be able to capture CME data without a hitch. Too bad, I have cancelled my subscription to MyTrack.
  9. steve, I am pretty sure it is not Track's fault. DTN had also problems, starting at the same second when Tracks feed died.
    CME has several datafeeds, ESignal may use a different one.
    I also heard that CME installed some new software last weekend !
  10. I appreciate the info, however I am trying to make a living here. I require results rather than excuses (from a data service). Apparently Esignal has a stable feed ( for the moment). I have to go with the vendor that allows me to do the work. Thanks for your comment. I am always glad to hear from you. Best Regards, Steve46
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